Eye on the Sty

This photo from the Second World War shows a pig feeding demonstration outside of the Royal Pavilion. Zooming in on the photo reveals lots of other details.

Press your finger to the image to see what else can you find.

Kitchen Waste campaign at Royal Pavilion, 1942

Can you zoom in and find:

  • Proof that the Royal Pavilion was used as an air raid shelter?
  • Where the Brighton County Borough Mental Hospital was based?

Why feed pigs at the Pavilion?

The Second World War was a time of food shortages and rationing. The government wanted to encourage householders to keep more pigs, which could become a vital source of meat. The purpose of this display was to show how pigs could be kept in small spaces like a backyard, and fed on kitchen scraps.

The Royal Pavilion Estate was often used as a space for promoting new initiatives, as it lies in the centre of Brighton and was in reach of most local people. The Royal Pavilion also provided a recognisable backdrop for local press photos.